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My commitment

My commitment as a piano teacher is to provide a quality education in music and to nurture a life-long love of music while building self-esteem.  I accomplish this by ascertaining how your child learns and tailoring their individual lessons to their needs..  My approach is gentle and I hope every student leaves their lesson feeling better about themselves.

My studio

Most students start with 30 minute lessons.  We start with the basics:  notation & rhythm.  Using a traditional approach, we learn the keyboard and pre-reading.  Ear training begins at the onset of lessons and theory is emphasized.  Theory is the language of music.  Keyboard players have the unique quality that they can perform both harmony and melody simultaneously.  To play traditional notation, pianists must not only read well, but know the basics of harmony.  This is accomplished through theoretical study. 


My studio is based on a forty week commitment to lessons.  Tuition is billed in ten equal installments.  Make-up lessons are given, but are limited to 6 per year; 24 hour notice is required to change a lesson.  Lessons are taught in your home.  You need a full size keyboard with a damper pedal.  A traditional piano is preferred, but not necessary.  Parents are encouraged to observe lessons.  I provide the lesson books and reimbursed by the parents.  Two recitals are held each year; one during the holidays and one late in the spring.